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The Carra in Carra Terra.

While Carra is our last name, "caro" in Italian is translated to mean beloved or dear and "terra" is earth or land. Taking a little creative liberty with linguistics, Carra Terra then stands for Beloved Earth.

Handmade in Milwaukee

All of our work is made in our small home studio located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. However, their design and function are deeply inspired by the lingering meals of where it all began - within the hills of Tuscany, just outside of Florence. We hope bringing these pieces into your own home inspires a small bit of la dolce vita amidst the usual rush of our busy everyday lives.


From Our Home to Yours

Along with our online shop, we currently sell our work at a variety of markets throughout the Milwaukee and Chicagoland areas. We'd love to meet you in person! Sign up for our email newsletter by clicking the button below to be alerted of our next market (at most, we send emails once-a-month and promise to always treat your inbox like it's our own).

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Follow Along

For more behind-the-scenes and everyday snippets into the life of Carra Terra, follow along on Instagram @carra.terra

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