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Common Questions & Policies

Handmade ceramics is a complicated process full of art and design, but also chemistry and engineering. Our commitment to quality, ergonomics, and safety adds a few additional steps to an already complex process but it's well worth it.

Taking Care of Your New Pieces.

Great news! Your beautiful ceramics are dishwasher and microwave safe! In fact, we encourage you to use the dishwasher. Why? While our work is not as robust as a diner mug, it's also not as delicate as you may fear. The best rule of thumb? Treat it the same as glassware. You aren't worried about putting your stemless wineglasses into the dishwasher, but you also don't expect them to survive if they get bumped around too much. However, we know accidents happen and it can be painful when your favorite item breaks. Contact us for our discounted replacement services:

Refunds & Exchanges

All sales are final. We are unable to offer refunds or returns on any items. However, if your original purchase arrives to you damaged, please alert us within 7 days from the date of receipt (as determined by tracking details provided by the 3rd party mailing companies). Include photos of the damage of the piece AND any photos of the box and packaging in the state it was upon arrival. If we have additional inventory, we will replace your item promptly. If we are out of stock or you purchased a one-of-a-kind item, we will refund your order minus the cost of taxes & credit card fees already paid. Replacing items damaged during shipping without cost is only available if we receive a message from you within 1 week of the package arriving, per the tracking number delivery date. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us prior to making a purchase:

Durability & Breakages

Part of what makes our ceramics so enjoyable is how light they are to hold, even when full. When taking care of your handmade pieces, consider it the same way you would an item of glassware. For example, you would expect glassware to break if it gets bumped around in the sink too much. Thinking of ceramics the same way we take care of glassware is sure to provide you with a piece you get to enjoy for many years to come! For this reason, we HIGHLY encourage you to wash all of our items in the dishwasher. If placed securely, your piece is sure to last and avoid the accidental slippages more common when hand washing an item. We cannot replace broken items free of charge, but we know how disappointing it can be when your favorite mug has an accident. For this reason, we offer a small discount on all replacement orders. Please email us at for more information.

Sizing & Variations

All pieces in our shop are handmade, by us, personally. Please remember this means there will be small variations from piece to piece. That's part of the beauty of buying handmade work! **This includes the precise liquid volume of any given vessel** Mugs may range in variance of up to 2 ounces in difference. The volume of any item is measured to the RIM of the vessel for the sake of consistency. We do our best to make every piece as consistent as possible, and only sell items within a small range of variance, but the goal of handmade is not to recreate industrial sameness. If you are looking for an exact volume size, handmade may not be the best solution for you.

Please don't forget...

We're human and so are you. And that's a beautiful thing. We understand how disappointing it can be when something doesn't go as planned. We will do our best to work with you should your purchasing expierence with Carra Terra be less than ideal, but let's both please approach all conversations with respect and patience. As a small business, it is impossible to offer the same policies as the Amazons of the world. Your purchase has not lined the pockets of a shareholder, but instead, directly impacted our personal life and livelihood. Thank you for supporting small businesses and understanding the realities and limitations we face!


Still have Questions? 

Thank you for your message. We try to respond to all inquiries within 2-3 business days, but please remember, our work requires mud-covered hands!

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